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What does the reduction of the Tu-22M3 mean and the reduction of attacks on Ukraine: an expert’s explanation

The crash of the Russian Tu-22M3 bomber speaks about the expansion of the capabilities of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and everything can be removed further threaten the enemy's strategic aviation.

More details about what the downing of the Tu-22M3 aircraft means and how to recognize the change in mass attacks – in the commentary of RBC-Ukra Also a kerivnik to the Center for Military-Legal Investigations Oleksandr Musienko.


  • What does the reduction of the Tu-22MZ mean
  • About the first Kh-22 missile attacks
  • What are the changes in missile attacks
  • Prehistory

What does the decline of the Tu-22MZ mean

According to the expert, those that Ukraine is increasing its ability to detect recent attacks on the airfield in Dzhankoy, on Russian radars Mordovia and Bryansk region, and now the shooting down of a Tu-22MZ aircraft.

“This is all about the fact that our capabilities will increase. As a result, we can continue to threaten even strategic aviation, and not just in the air, but more on the ground. Because the airfield in “Olenya” is now no longer an unattainable goal for Ukrainian drones, which I think will be frozen,” explains Musienko.

In my opinion, all at once in a systematic manner to, among other things, counter strategic aviation and Russian “carcasses” “didn't get close to Ukraine.

“Mova is about the Tu-22M3. The fragments of the Tu-95, unfortunately, the stinks can still form, but they are still far away..Also on the Tu-95, decisions will be made to destroy them themselves at airfields,” Musienko respects.

About the first shooting down of the X-22 missiles

The expert also speaks about the first shooting down of the Kh-22 missiles by Ukraine to testify that in the absence of air defense systems, our defenders are taking approaches to achieve such goals within the limits of all possibilities.

“The Ukrainian Defense Forces, while we are waiting for support from our partners, will stagnate in a variety of ways, including countering electronic warfare systems, drones, and armed missiles, and the X-22. , and Ukraine, as I create additional capabilities so that these missiles can be countered. So while we are looking for help from a large number of systems from our friends, we are still stagnating our capabilities,” says Musienko.

Change missiles Attas

on the pitanny, chikuvati Ukrainians on the visionary missile attacks of the tsbitti tsologo Tu-22M3 that missiles X-22, Expert Vidpoviv, Sho Radzhe Warto talk about those ceremoniously, abede, abyt attacks. >

“I think everyone will work to ensure that the consequences of these massive attacks are not so significant. To minimize them. We will work for sure. Unfortunately, we still cannot in the world ensure against such attacks, otherwise the bottom of the robot is still underway,” – Musienko summed up.


Let us remember that a military Tu-22M3 aircraft was shot down in the skies over the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation today. As of this very night, the occupiers attacked Ukrainian cities, around the Dnieper and region.

As RBC-Ukraine officials in the Defense Forces reported, the enemy aircraft was shot down by a modified S-200 air defense system 300 km from Ukraine (it was officially stated that it was achieved by the “methods” by which the radar aircraft was previously shot down atsionnogo identification A-50).

Varto note that after the fall, another flight of disturbances will unfold, which means that no missiles have yet been fired into our region.

The warning of the “bird” was confirmed officially by the Air Force and GUR. It seems that there was a special operation of the Head Intelligence Directorate in cooperation with the Insurgent Forces.

Researchers have indicated that the destruction of the strategic bomber during the war period has become more successful during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

With his own opinion, the river commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yev Lash calling it a “vendeto for the attack” peaceful places” and clarifying that the PPO forces first shot down two Kh-22 missiles, which released this bomber.

Read more about this bomber and missiles in our material “Ukraine has for the first time lost Tu-22M3 aircraft and X-22 missiles: what is known about them.”

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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