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What will happen to the dollar exchange rate and prices in Ukraine: forecasts of analysts, bankers and the population

Financial analysts, bankers and the population will see an increase in the dollar exchange rate over the coming years . Inflation will accelerate at the same level as the current rate, approximately double.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on the data posted on the NBU website.

Dollar exchange rate

For information from the NBU, financial analysis Birth of 2024 was ruined by events forecast for the dollar exchange rate over the next 12 months to 41.13 UAH/dollar. In Sichnya they were looking at the rate of 40.29 UAH/Dollar.

In addition, the population of Ukraine in the winter was looking at the rate of 39.84 UAH/Dollar, and bankers in Sichnya predicted the rate at 41.31 UAH/dollar.

Inflationary estimates

Financial analysts In the beginning of 2024, the forecast for inflation was reduced to 8.1% (in Sichny – 8.2%).

The population in the fiercest period expected inflation to be 9.3%, and bankers in Sichny predicted an increase in prices of 10, 4%.

Forecasts for the NBU

The Cabinet of Ministers in the budget for 2024 stated the average rate at 40.7 UAH/dollar, until the end of 2024 the rate will be at 42.1 UAH/dollar.

Current dollar exchange rate is at івні 38.40 on the international bank and 38.60 UAH/dollar on the ready-made market.

The National Bank of Ukraine has reduced its inflation forecast. The NBU predicts that live prices for pouches will increase by 8.6% in 2024. Inflation will accelerate in the other half, and before then the price increase will be subdued.

Behind the storm, inflation in Ukraine fell to its minimum since the fall of 2020 – 4.3%.

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