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When deputies praise the new law on mobilization: what does the Radya say?

I'm glad we can adopt a new bill on mobilization from another reader before the end of the week. Before the document, over 4 thousand amendments were made.

About this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence, People's Deputy Fedir Venislavsky spoke about this.

As we speak about terms, then, in other words, around the coming Monday, February 4th, the secretariat may prepare a table of this bill. And then, starting from 5-6 February, the Rada can proceed to article-by-article discussion and approval or adoption of these legislative amendments with the participation of people's deputies who submitted them.

“Optimistically, the committee will have until 10-15 February we can finish with amendments. Pesimistic – up to 20 years we can look at them, form a new committee, vote and send the bill for another reading before the Radar. Both for the optimistic and for the pessimistic scenario until the end, we can do everything and the chances in the hall of this bill to vote in another read,” said Venislavsky.

Over 4 thousand amendments were made to the document

As the people's deputy added, the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence has never had such a number of amendments since the beginning of a large-scale invasion.

“That is why all the same type of legislative amendments were praised split into groups and as a result over 4 thousand amendments, we removed 16 blocks from key speeches, which people’s deputies urged us to change, and put them in other editions, too,” like Venislavsky.

In fact, according to this data, the committee passed the 16th block iv.< /p>

“We worked for four days, including Monday, four days inclusive. I immediately returned from a meeting of the committee, at which we finalized and reviewed the transitional and final provisions of the bill. Further, on the basis of conceptual speeches, like looked and watched or did not watch in these blocks, The secretariat of the committee will form an equal table with legislative proposals, which were combined in 16 blocks. Then we can more clearly demonstrate and praise these and other amendments,” the people's deputy added.

First reading of the bill on mobilization

The Verkhovna Rada on 7 fiercely praised the first reading of the bill on strengthening mobilization. 243 people's deputies supported the draft law, 12 voted against and 45 voted against it.

After the bill was adopted at the first reading, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that the team was about to prepare a document on mobilization before another reading Ministries The defense of Ukraine cooperates with the profile committee of the Supreme Council for the sake of all proposals to amend the law. Krim, to the grinding of the norms, the yaki mines the bill, putting up the sake of the right of the rights of the people of the people Dmitro Lubinets.

Nagada, the new bill on the mobilizaei Bulo introduced 30 signs of the pre -lawsuvannie. Here is another attempt to change the norms of mobility in Ukraine. With this and before the other document, there was no less nutrition than the first option.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.< /p>

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