• 18/04/2024 16:16

“Zelensky is preparing to flee to the USA,” Stratcom refuted Russian fake

Russians cite a “document” supporting the right to obtain US citizenship, seemingly issued to Zelensky.

Russian media are “dispersing” the fake news that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is preparing to flee Ukraine to the United States by March 31 due to the supposed end of his term in office.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security writes about this. As the report says, such information is “dispersed” by Russian Telegram channels.

Rossmi writes that a house in Florida has already been prepared for Zelensky and his family.

However, as Stratcom will note, such stuffing is untrue.

“True: as evidence, propagandists cite a “photo” of a naturalization certificate (a certificate supporting the right to obtain US citizenship) in the name of Zelensky. However, the “document” contains traces of forgery,” the Center notes.

In particular, as noted by experts from VoxCheck, the “document” does not contain the seal of the US Department of Homeland Security and the signature of the certificate owner.

“The President of Ukraine could not receive such a certificate according to US law, because for this you need to live in the States for at least five years or three years if the candidate is married to a US citizen,” the CSK adds.< /p>

And they note that linking it to the expiration of the presidential term “is meaningless, because in 2024, due to a full-scale war, presidential elections will not be held.”

  • At the end of January, the German Foreign Ministry exposed a Russian disinformation campaign on social networks X. The goal of the campaign was to increase dissatisfaction with the current German government and disrupt further support for Ukraine. 50 thousand fake accounts are used to carry out the campaign.
  • Ukraine remains the country that most often becomes a victim of disinformation and fake news. As stated in the report of the European External Action Service, out of 480 recorded cases of external manipulation of information and interference, Ukraine was the most often targeted – 160 cases.
  • Last December, the EU formally accused X of violating the bloc's rules on disinformation. European Commissioner for Internal Trade and Services Thierry Breton announced the opening of production. “X” is also suspected of violating its transparency obligations.


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