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ZSU fighters woke up from Bakhmut: ISW maps

At the front, there are positional battles on Kup'yansky, both in Kreminnaya and in the region cordon Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. The defense forces have only slightly penetrated to Bakhmutsky Directly, reducing positions on the left bank of the Kherson region.

RBC-Ukraine reports this, relying on the call of the Institute for Warfare (ISW).

Skhid Ukraine They are. Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

The publication indicates that 3 fierce positional battles took place on the Kup'yansk-Kreminna line.

The Russian and Ukrainian forces were firming up as positional battles began to descend from Kup'yanska near Sinkivka and Lake Liman; for a daily gathering from Kup'yanskaya Biel, Ivanivka, Krokhmalny, Tabaivka, Novoselivsky; for an early sunset from the Kreminnaya Bela of Terniv and Nevsky; at the entrance from Kreminna Biel Yampolivka; and on the day's approach from Kreminnaya in the area of ​​Serebryansky Forest.

Russian officials confirmed that the Russian military would launch airstrikes on the Kup'yansky direct, and that 2 heavy bombs were dropped on 10 planned FAB-1500 bombs at a ZSU position near Ivanivka and Kislivki.

2 fierce riverman of the Skhidnogo grouped army ZSU captain Illya Yvlash, declaring that the military of the Russian Federation almost doubled the speed of artillery fire at Kupyansky and Limansky directly through the filth of the weather mind and others unimportant furnishings.

3 fierce Russian officials reported that the Ukrainian military had never been hit by Himar s at the bakery plant in occupied Lysichansk Lugansk region.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

Ukrainian forces recently woke up for a day approach from Bakhmut.

Published 3 strong frames with geolocation show how elements of the 85th detached motorized brigade of Russian fire brigade strike the ZSU fighters who are operating in the forested area on the way out Klishchivka (at today's approach to Bakhmut), which, according to the latest ISW estimates, was under control of the occupiers, so that “to confirm that the Ukrainian armies have recently renewed their positions in this area.”

The Russian Federation confirmed that the armies of the Russian Federation were sticking out at an insignificant dose in the direction of Ivan ivskogo (on the way to Bakhmut) and buried nothing new heights on the evening and evening approach from Klishchivka, and the ZSU gained a certain position on the evening from Bogdanivka (on the evening approach from Bakhmuta).

In this case ISW experts did not find any visual evidence to support this assertion.

Positional battles took place near Bogdanivka, Klishchivka and on the Ivanivsky direct. Riverman of the Combined Military ZSU, Captain Illya Yvlash, informed that the Russian military command is transferring reserves to the Bakhmut direct line to break through the Ukrainian defense lines from Bakhmut to the Chasiv Yar direct.

The Russian forces confirmed 2 and 3 years ago that the Russian Federation woke up on the evening, evening and evening approaching Avdiivka, but ISW experts did not provide visual evidence of this.

Russian “military forces” confirmed that the Russian Federation troops had reached 1 , 5 kilometers of an empty quarry on the outskirts of Avdiivka and one kilometer of the Opytnyi Bela (on the day of entry from Avdiivka).

Russian officials also confirmed that the Russian Federation had just reached the entrance to the Tsar’s Hunt restaurant (on the day before Avdiivka) and up to 600 meters from the Stepovy Belaya (on the day before from Avdiivka).

< p>Positional battles were fought by Stepovoy and in gardening on the outside of Avdiivka; on a daily basis from Avdiivka, Pervomaisky and Nevelsky; and on the outskirts of Avdiivka.

Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov noted that the Russian grouped military around Avdiivka consists of 6 brigades, 7 regiments and 3 units of special recognition chennya ta special forces.

3 fierce positional combat operations took place on the approach and the last approach from Donetsk, and there were no confirmed changes on the front line. Positional combat operations took place on the approach to Donetsk in the area of ​​Krasnogorivka and Georgiyivka and on the day of entry from Donetsk in the area of ​​Novomikhaylivka.

Russian quarrels were strengthened while the fruits grew The 33rd Motorized Rifle Regiment completely buried a ZSU position near Novomikhailivka, although ISW did not provide any visual evidence of this.

“Pivdenna all”

3 fierce travails in the area of ​​the cordon of the Donetsk-Zaporizk region interchange of positional combat operations.

The ZSU General Staff reported that Ukrainian forces defeated Russian attacks on the day before the Golden Niva (on the day before the Great Novosilka).

The Russian “military correspondent” asserted that the Russian military had just barely pushed through from Priyutny to Novodarivka (annoyed by the day’s entry from Velika Novosilka), although the ISW did not provide visual evidence of such penetration of the Russians .

3 fierce battle actions were carried out at the entry into the Zaporizhzhya region. Ukrainian and Russian news reports reported about battles near Robotiny, Verbovoy (towards Robotiny) and Lugovsky (towards Robotyny).

The Russian “military correspondent” stated that the Ukrainian forces are intensively flying drones with an eye on the First Person (FPV) along the Ocheretuvate-Pology road, which is going on the same route near the Robotin area, and that it is crossing the river hu ross_yan uzdovzh this route.

< p>A dozen Russian bloggers admitted that the Russian military in this area does not have sufficient radio-electronic warfare (EW) capabilities to effectively resist the invasion of Ukrainian drones.

Ukrainian troops were losing positions on the exit (left) birch of Kherson ї areas in the minds continuation of positional battles in this area of ​​the 3rd fierce.

The Russian “military correspondent” has confirmed that the Russian military is planning to carry out an assault on Krinka, while the ZSU will continue to monitor the airspace for additional drones. The same blogger said that constant tactical redeployments and movements of Russian subdivisions near Kryny will greatly complicate the connections between subdivisions, and that the military Russian Federation will no longer understand us This is the command and control of this area.

The situation at the front

Previously, it was reported that, following the data of the General Staff of the ZSU, there was a past battle at the front 77 fighters Shut up. The Russian occupiers will continue the assaults on Avdiivka and many other settlements in the Donetsk region.

According to the words of the head of the press service of the Combined Grouped Military Forces ZSU Illy Yvlash, the offensive of the Russian troops on the front is not You can keep going forever. Now the enemy no longer has enough strength to get through further on the line of defense.

It was also reported that the commander of the Ground Forces ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky had withdrawn the military positions on the Kupyansky direct ku, let us know about the situation.

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