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Zelensky took over the position of ZSU in Avdiivtsi

President Volodymyr Zelensky today, 29th birthday, having led Avdiivka to the Donetsk region and, for several months, they are actively attacking Russian occupiers. The head of the state, in the position of the Ukrainian soldiers, discussed the current situation and the needs of the fighters.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with a message to the video of Zelensky.

“Avdiivka. Vidvidav positions of the 110th detached mechanized brigade “In the name of General Coroner Mark Bezruchka. One of the most difficult plots for the front,” the president said.

Zelensky added that he also gave special attention to the ZSU soldiers. Zokrema, recognizing the greatest warriors of the sovereign cities, and presenting the “Golden Star” of the Hero of Ukraine to the young sergeant Igor Tymoshchuk.

“We discussed with the commander the defense situation, the basic needs… For everyone who is on the front line, for the service, for this river, which the whole country has always stood for such warriors. Tim, who is protecting our country at all times. Tim, who is generously giving combat result.”, – go to the information.

Details of Zelensky's visit to Avdiivka

The Presidential Press Service confirmed that Zelensky, during his trip to the Donetsk region, visited the forward checkpoint of the 110th OMBR named after General-Chant Mark Bezruchka, who is in Avdiivka diivtsi.< /p>

“The head of the state heard the testimony of the brigade commander – Hero of Ukraine Mikoli Chumak – about the operational situation directly and outrunning defensive operations. According to the brigade commander, the Russian brigade soldiers do not harm people, but our defencists are careful to hold positions and take new positions “it's full of enemy soldiers,” – go in the publication.

Zelensky has highlighted the positions of ZSU fighters in Avdiivtsi 29 Brnoda (photo: Office of the President)

Zelensky educated the military about basic needs, among whom they most often recognized the need to replenish the special stock and capabilities of the REB. At the same time, the fighters noted that the value of the reduction in the remaining hours of drone protection was added to the OP.

It is also noted that young sergeant Igor Tymoshchuk, who was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine and who Zelensky awarded the Order of the Gold of the Star, is a special about plans It takes the same fate in assault operations. The Office revealed that the groups under its leadership have repeatedly lost the forces of the occupiers, filled the enemy with soldiers, and regained control over positions.

“As a result of the successful renewal of the defense positions, Igor Tymoshchuk managed to break through the enemy’s gate to Avdiivka, which secured an important line for the defense of the country,” they say.

Also a sign of the president “The Battle of the Cross” “of our merits” buv nagorodzheny senior lieutenant Evgen Baykov, who received the Order of “Bohdan Khmelnytsky”, ІІІ level and the Order “For Courage”, ІІІ level.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of the special warehouse, the President handed over the medals for presentation to military servicemen at roztashuvannya.

Zelensky highlighted the positions of the governors of Avdiivka and handed over the city (photo: Office of the President)

The situation in Avdiivtsi

Guess what, the Russian occupiers are on the move The fighting intensified near Avdiivka this past year. This offensive is considered the largest in 2014.

A month ago, British intelligence reported that Russian attacks on Avdiivka increased the aggressor country's costs by 90%. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the enormous expenditure of the occupiers – they lost without 6,500 soldiers in the Avdiivka area in 10 years.

Additionally, according to the data of the White House, in the middle of the chest, Russian terrorism spent over 1 3 thousand expenses Uzdovzh axis Avdiivka-Novopalivka. In the meantime, our soldiers have lost over 220 combat vehicles.

Uchora, 28 Brno, the Ground Forces ZSU discovered that the Ukrainian soldiers turned their previously lost position on the Avdiivsky direct.

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