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Zelensky: It is important that the world responds to another manifestation of terror

Зеленский: Важно, чтобы мир отреагировал на очередное проявление террора

Consequences of the Russian missile attack on December 29. Photo – Pavel Petrov, State Emergency Service

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in an evening address on December 29 after a massive Russian missile attack, noted that Ukraine will answer for every strike and it is important that the world responds to this terror.

Source: Zelensky in circulation

Details: The President reported that more than 100 private houses were destroyed or damaged, 45 high-rise buildings, schools, two churches, hospitals, a maternity hospital, and many retail and warehouse premises.

He noted that the air defense soldiers did a lot, taking into account the fact that Russian terrorists specifically tried to bypass the defense. Zelensky assured that his team continues to work to strengthen air defense.

Direct speech : “It is important that the world responds to this latest manifestation of terror. Many leaders today have already declared support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, and I am grateful to everyone. And especially to those who helped our air defense state.”

Details: The President also thanked the rescuers, police officers and everyone involved and supporting people.

Direct speech : “We will definitely respond to Russian terrorists for every blow. Terror never wins over people. More than 600 of our rescuers are involved in helping, clearing the rubble, and a lot of equipment. The work will continue around the clock.”

What preceded:

  • On the night of December 29, Russia launched its most massive air strike against Ukraine. Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Lvov, Zaporozhye and other cities were under attack.
  • According to the Air Force, the Russian Federation has used almost all types of weapons at its disposal. Air defense managed to destroy 114 of 158 enemy air targets.
  • Interior Minister Igor Klimenko said that as of 19:30, 30 people were killed and more than 160 wounded as a result of the massive Russian strike.


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