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Zelensky was shown the Ukrainian analogue of the Russian Lancet

The drone is already being used at the front; it has already been able to hit a Russian anti-aircraft missile system.

Zelensky was shown the Ukrainian analogue of the Russian

Vladimir Zelensky

To the President Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on April 13, the day of the employee of the military-industrial complex, was shown a Ukrainian analogue of the Russian Lancet, which can destroy static and moving targets and carry a 3 kg warhead. It can also operate in conditions of active suppression by electronic warfare systems.

As Ukrainskaya Pravda writes, the new model of loitering ammunition can strike targets at an operational-tactical depth of 100+ kilometers.

The name of the UAV is kept secret for now. It has an electric motorand is launched from a catapult, and the X-shaped fuselage provides high maneuverability and the ability to hit static and moving targets along various trajectories. In particular, the drone is capable of approaching a target at right angles.

The drone can reach a maximum speed of up to 180 km/h, so it can hit objects moving slower than 130 km/h. . In particular, we are talking about the Russian Orlan-10, Zala and Lancets.

“Theoretically, these could be helicopters hovering or flying on a collision course,” the publication added.

A repeater drone works in tandem with the UAV,which searches for a target, tracks it, awaits an attack drone and controls the consequences of a hit. Thanks to this, borage ammunition is able to operate at long distances and with good communication.

In addition, another innovation was the integration of a “machine vision” system, which ensures the acquisition of objects and automatic delivery to the target.< /p> < p>Also, the drones of the complex are equipped with highly reliable encrypted communication modules (AES256 standard). This makes it possible to operate in conditions of active suppression by electronic warfare systems.

Currently, the unmanned system is at the stage of proof, which occurs in conditions of constant use in a combat zone.

Cost< /b > one such drone is unknown, however, according to the developers, it is comparable to the cost of most Ukrainian operational-tactical class drones.

  • SBU specialists, together with colleagues from the Security and Defense Forces, have modernized the Sea Baby drone , which is now capable of hitting any target in the Black Sea. The drone can carry almost a ton of explosives over 1,000 km.
  • Britain is also considering providing Ukraine with a prototype laser weapon that can shoot down drones and missiles. We're talking about DragonFire, a directed energy laser weapon that can hit targets at the speed of light and uses an intense beam of light to cut through the target. The cost of operating a laser usually does not exceed £10 per shot.


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