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I see something in Mudrik – the legendary ex-Britain national team player came to the defense of the Ukrainian legionnaire

A day earlier, the London Chelsea team won a spectacular victory over Crystal Palace with a score of 2 to 1, as part of the 19th round of the English Premier League, and, despite the fact that One of the goals that contributed to the “pensioners” taking 3 points was scored by the Ukrainian Mikhail Mudrik, a “wave” of indignation rose against him due to the ratio of the rather low performance and the very high cost of this “purchase”.

I see something in Mudrik - the legendary ex-player of the British national team stood up to defend the Ukrainian legionnaire

Photo – 24tv.ua

About the fact that, according to the former forward of the English national team Harry Lineker, who shared his point of view regarding Mudryk’s game for Chelsea, the Ukrainian winger still has good football potential, writes NBN, citing YouTube material. channel “The Rest Is Football”.

According to Harry Lineker, in fact, Mudryk, intensively criticized for his meager performance in the Chelsea squad, is not at all to blame for the fact that he was paid a fantastic sum, in particular, the direct speech of the ex-forward:

We talked about Chelsea transfers, but I something what I see in Mudrik. I think there's something in him. He scored 1 goal, he has 3 goals now, and he is fast. He does [good results] sometimes, and he should do it more often because he is worth £100 million, but it is not his fault.

We previously wrote about that that the cost of transfers of some Ukrainian football players increased after the La Liga rating was updated.


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