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Exchange rates in 2024: the banker made a forecast about the stability of the hryvnia’s behavior against the dollar

ByJohn Newman

Jan 6, 2024

In accordance with information from the NBU, on Saturday, January 6, the official exchange rate of the American currency reached the level of 38.04 hryvnia, while in “exchange offices” the dollar is purchased at 39.1 hryvnia, and sold at 39.26 hryvnia, and, as is already clear, this trend with the depreciation of the hryvnia will continue in the near future.

Currency exchange rates in 2024 the banker made a forecast about the stability of the behavior of the hryvnia against the dollar

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About the fact that last year’s trends will be recorded in the domestic foreign exchange market of our country this year ;— the US currency exchange rate will not stop moving towards appreciation, writes NBN, referring to the forecast for the development of the financial situation compiled by the deputy head of the board of RwS-bank Oleg Chernenky, published by the Ministry of Finance.

According to Chernenky, in the first months of 2024, bankers hope for a dollar exchange rate within 40 hryvnia. In addition, despite some stability in the market, this currency may soon become worth several hryvnia, but by the end of this year, the anomalous behavior will end.

The Deputy Head of the Board of RwS-Bank emphasized :

I don’t think that this year, provided current conditions continue, the dollar will rise more than to 42 hryvnia.

Earlier, we informed that the NBU showed the scale of exchange rate losses for 2023.


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