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A KIIS opinion poll showed how many Ukrainian refugees and under what conditions intend to return from Europe

ByJohn Newman

May 14, 2024

Research by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology shows that only half of Ukrainian refugees are ready to ever return from Europe to their home country. The displaced people told us under what conditions they are ready to go home.

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Social survey KIIS showed how many Ukrainian refugees and under what conditions intend to return from Europe

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KIIS poll results showed that approximately only half of the refugees from Ukraine who now live in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland are ready to someday return home, NBN reports.

The migrants also listed the conditions under which they are ready to go to their home country. 34% of respondents said that if critical infrastructure is functioning in the locality where they want to return, they will come home. The same number of respondents intend to leave Europe if it is safe in their locality in Ukraine.

26% of study participants are ready to go home if their housing is not destroyed, or if it is repaired or provided with a new one. The same percentage of Ukrainians intend to return to their home country only after the end of the war.

For 16% of respondents, in order to return to Ukraine, it is important to first find a job there, 13% – to find a kindergarten or school for their children in their locality. 4% of respondents intend to go home if their settlement is liberated from Russian invaders.

12% of Ukrainians admitted that they intend to stay in the European country where they are now or move to another foreign country. 6% of respondents were undecided on the answer, 0.4% of respondents named other reasons for returning to their homeland.

Earlier, sociologists found out how many Ukrainian citizens are ready to be mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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