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The Ukrainian Armed Forces told how the tactics of the invaders’ assaults in the Chasovoy Yar area have changed

ByJohn Newman

May 14, 2024

Speaker of the operational-strategic group of troops “Khortitsa” Nazar Voloshin spoke about the battles for Chasov Yar in the Donetsk region. According to him, the Russians have changed the tactics of storming the city.

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces told how the tactics of the invaders' assaults in the Chasovoy Yar area have changed

Photo – AP Photo/Ukraine Patrol Police

A representative of the OSGV “Khortitsa” said on the air of a national telethon that the situation in the Chasovoy Yar area has not changed, the fighting is going on day and night. The Russian Armed Forces are destroying the city and settlements near it with artillery fire and air bomb strikes, NBN reports.

According to Voloshin, Chasov Yar is located at heights, so Putin’s occupation forces are trying to capture it in order to further attack strikes and attack Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Druzhkovka.

He said that over the past 24 hours the Russian army carried out at least 12 assaults, almost 150 mortar and artillery attacks in the Chasovoy Yar area.

“ The Liberators are trying to find weaknesses in the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now the Russians are not making massive “meat assaults” as before, but are trying to enter from the villages of Ivanovskoye and Bogdanovka. The command of the RF Armed Forces is trying to protect the equipment as much as possible in these attacks, not sparing the mobilized and ex-prisoners from the Storm Z and Storm V units.

The speaker of the OSGV “Khortitsa” added that the Russians are making every effort, to achieve success in this direction, but are not getting results.

Earlier, British intelligence reported how the number of attacks by Putin’s troops on Chasov Yar had increased during the month.


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