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A kilowatt of electricity costs 6 UAH: Galushchenko told whether to expect an increase in prices for the service

ByJohn Newman

Feb 14, 2024

Not so long ago, people’s deputy, member of the parliamentary committee on energy and housing and communal services (utilities) Sergei Nagornyak made a statement – electricity tariffs for household consumers this year could double, to almost 6 hryvnia/one kilowatt-hour, and now it has become known whether this is really so.

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Kilowatt of electricity for 6 UAH: Galushchenko told whether to expect an increase in prices for the service

Photo – 24tv.ua

About the fact that raising the cost of electricity is not currently on the agenda, and is not even planned to be considered questions regarding possible dates and similar projects, writes NBN, referring to the explanation of the head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko, sounded on the air of the “United News” telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

Po&nbsp ;Galushchenko’s statements that the tariff of 6 hryvnia/one kilowatt-hour will definitely not happen in the coming months—all such statements are some kind of “stuffing” that have no basis. In addition, until the end of the current heating season, the tariffs for household consumers will definitely not change, since there is a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers that is valid until May 1.

Also, the head of the Ministry of Energy added that, probably, from the second month of spring they will study the situation from all sides, but so far “we have neither projects nor calculations.”

Earlier we wrote about for what amount of household debt consumers may be “cut off” from the electricity supply.


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