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A Russian Aerospace Forces fighter jet splashed down near Sevastopol: footage of the crash appeared on the Internet (video)

ByJohn Newman

Mar 28, 2024

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 28, explosions thundered in the territory of temporarily captured Sevastopol, after which messages appeared in local Telegram channels that a Russian plane had been shot down.

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U A fighter plane of the Russian Aerospace Forces “splashed down” in Sevastopol: footage of the fall (video) appeared on the Internet

Photo – screenshot of TG-video.

About the fact that in the sky over the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula, a Russian fighter initially flew, and then “drew” under the water, the ejected pilot of which was able to be extracted from the Black Sea 200 meters from the coast, writes “NBN”, referring to the information posted in the Telegram channel of the so-called “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

However, later on social networks video evidence appeared of a plane engulfed in flames, sharply losing altitude, allegedly which is an “aircraft-type drone.”

In addition, the Fighterbomber Telegram channel, apparently owned by the captain of the Russian Armed Forces Ilya Tumanov, has already decided on the aircraft—this is the Su-27 fighter , which “could have been shot down by Russian air defense systems, or the cause of the fall was related to a failure of equipment.”

Earlier, our information portal wrote that Gumenyuk explained how the Russian Federation “highlights” targets for missile strikes across Ukraine instead of the liquidated A-50.


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