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Allocation of financial assistance by the European Union to Ukraine: Stefanishina named the most likely dates

At the previous EU summit, held on December 14 of this year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban predictably vetoed the decision to provide Ukraine with 50 billion euros from 2024 to 2027, and now it has become known when these funds will be allocated to our country.

Allocation of financial assistance by the European Union to Ukraine : Stefanishina named the most likely terms

Photo – Oleksandr Medvedev/NV

About the fact that the leaders of the EU member states will, apparently, make a decision regarding the allocation of 50 billion euros to Kiev with the arrival of February next year, writes NBN, citing the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic issues integration of Ukraine by Olga Stefanishina, published in “New Voice”.

According to Stefanishina, this important decision was blocked not at all because of Orban’s intervention, but was caused by the development and revision of the expenditure side of the European bloc budget . In addition, the heads of state of the EU will one way or another be able to guarantee the provision of regular financial assistance to Ukraine, and it will not matter much whether it is the expected 50 billion euros or another amount of funds received from other sources.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized:

That is, here [in the EU] there are no such disagreements as there are, for example, in the States. Therefore, in principle, this decision has been postponed for a month. On February 1st there will be a repeat meeting of the European Council, this decision will be considered and, I am sure, will be adopted.

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