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An IT expert explained why it is better not to scan QR codes from unverified sources

ByJohn Newman

Apr 16, 2024

The same situation is already being recorded in Ukraine, which previously only foreign users encountered – intensive replication of dubious QR codes, often used by cyber fraudsters.

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IT expert explained why it’s better not to scan QR codes from unverified sources

Photo – itechua.com

About the fact that hackers are actively distributing QR codes in Ukraine that redirect users to dangerous websites or other automatically downloading malicious software (software), writes NBN, citing an explanation by the head of the product department at Slaxico, Yuri Fosin, published in iTECHua.

According to Fosin, so-called “kisses” are now being replicated, which are a kind of middle solution between QR codes and “phishing” (“catching” user information without his knowledge)—“pictures” are actually posted everywhere, from taxi aggregators , renting scooters or “discounts” on food delivery.

It is better not to scan “public” QR codes without first checking their origin—they do not contain preliminary links to ;sites, and the user may unknowingly “upload” virus software to his device or be redirected to a fake “phishing” page, which will ultimately “leak” not only passwords/logins, but also information about accounts and card numbers.

Fosin emphasized:

Using fake QR codes, they [hackers] can reach potential victims both online and offline.

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