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Anti-Ukrainian slogans on posters of Polish farmers: as explained in Warsaw

ByJohn Newman

Feb 22, 2024

Yesterday, February 20, at a strike of local farmers that took place in Wodzisław County, Silesian Voivodeship (in southern Poland), a poster was placed on one of the tractors calling on Putin to restore order in Brussels and Ukraine, adding for propaganda, the flag of the USSR with a hammer and sickle, prohibited on the territory of a neighboring state.

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Anti-Ukrainian slogans on posters Polish farmers: how it was explained in Warsaw

Photo – tvn24.pl

About the fact that the appearance of the above-described slogans at protest rallies in fact not only harms the interests of Poland, but also compromises the intentions of the organizers of such strikes, indicating attempts by a certain group of radicals to seize control over such manifestations of discontent, writes “ NBN”, referring to the official page of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In particular, the Polish Foreign Ministry with the highest level of concern perceived the placement of anti-Ukrainian posters and slogans endorsing Putin and the war he is waging against Ukraine . Diplomats noted that these actions “put a bad light” on their country, which was one of the first to help attacked Ukraine by accepting refugees and providing support to Kiev.

The Polish Foreign Ministry emphasized:

It is important that they also discredit the organizers of the protest themselves. We believe that this is an attempt to capture the protest movement of farmers by extreme and irresponsible groups that may be under the influence of Russian agents.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that  ;The State Border Guard Service reported how Polish protests affected the stability of the delivery of humanitarian goods to Ukraine.


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