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Occupier aviation often “loses” bombs on Russian territory: Ignat explained why this happens

ByJohn Newman

Feb 21, 2024

Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuri Ignat explained why Russian aviation often “loses” bombs and missiles on the territory of a terrorist state or at sea, before reaching Ukraine. According to the colonel, such incidents arise due to various factors.

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Photo – mil.in.ua

In an interview with Ukrinform, a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine commented on cases of missiles and bombs falling on the territory of the aggressor country, as well as in the Caspian sea, NBN reports.

According to the colonel, such incidents often occur due to the “crookedness” and mistakes of the Russian invaders. In addition, it is possible that the ammunition runs out ahead of time due to the reluctance of the pilots of the “second army of the world” to fly closer to Ukraine and become a target for the air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ignat noted that the “liberators” sank many missiles in the Caspian Sea. These shells, which are launched by Tu-95 bombers, simply do not work. It is possible that this is happening due to anti-Russian sanctions, since the Russian Federation has to change some components when manufacturing weapons.

Previously, incidents with occupier missiles falling on the territory of a terrorist state were explained by British intelligence.


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