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Armenia suspended its participation in the CSTO: Pashinyan named the reason

ByJohn Newman

Feb 23, 2024

Head of the Government of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said that his country has “frozen” its participation in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, where the Russian Federation plays a key role. The Prime Minister named the reason for this decision of Yerevan.

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Armenia suspended its participation in the CSTO: Pashinyan named the reason

Photo – EPA

The head of the government of Armenia, in an interview with France 24 TV channel, announced the suspension of his country’s participation in the CSTO, since the collective security agreement in its regard was not implemented, in particular in 2021-2022.

The politician clarified that in Yerevans have taken such a step and intend to see what happens next, NBN reports.

Speaking about the closure of the military base that Moscow has deployed on the territory of his state, Pashinyan said that this issue is on the agenda of the Armenian leadership not worth it.

The Prime Minister criticized the Kremlin, accusing the leadership of the Russian Federation of openly calling on the citizens of his state to overthrow the government several months ago. He believes that the propaganda of the Putin regime against him is not decreasing.

Recently, in an interview with a British publication, the head of the Armenian government said that Yerevan may reconsider its membership in the CSTO. The prime minister also argued that his country is not an ally of Moscow in the war against Ukraine.


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