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ATESH showed how the occupiers hide behind the civilian infrastructure of Dzhankoy to provide troops

ByJohn Newman

Apr 5, 2024

Agents of the Crimean partisan movement do not stop actively documenting the activities of the Russian occupation forces on the peninsula, regularly sending important information to the Defense Forces of our country.

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Photo – t.me/atesh_ua

O&nbsp ;the fact that recently in Dzhankoy (HERE of Crimea) a number of warehouses were discovered, which the defense department of the terrorist state uses for storing food, military uniforms and tents, as well as for the purpose of accumulating and subsequent transfer of “manpower” , writes “NBN”, referring to the official Telegram channel “ATESH”.

As it became known, the invaders again neglected simple rules and continued to concentrate military equipment in one place, carrying out similar accumulation under the guise of civilian infrastructure, so that after the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they would accuse Ukraine of attacks on the civilian population.

However, the above information, including coordinates (45.703063, 34.379040), has already been transferred to the Defense Forces, so that the defenders take this information into account when planning “events on the territory of Crimea.”

Photo — t.me/atesh_ua

Earlier, our information portal wrote about the fact that ATESH talked about the occupiers’ tricks when transporting military cargo to Crimea.


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