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At night, more than 10 explosions occurred in Yeisk, and there was unrest in the airfield area

ByJohn Newman

Apr 5, 2024

On the night of Friday, April 5, explosions occurred in Yeisk, Krasnodar Territory of the aggressor country, which were explained to local residents by “the work of air defense.” Later, the authorities boasted of “suppressing an attempted terrorist attack.”

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At night, more than 10 explosions occurred in Yeysk, it was restless in the airfield area

Photo – kuban24.tv

The Russian Telegram channel SHOT reported at night that residents of Yeysk heard more than 10 “claps”, noting that, according to preliminary information, air defense is operating in the city, NBN reports.

According to local residents, it became loud in Yeysk after 03:00; in addition to explosions, they heard the sounds of machine gun fire in the area of ​​the military camp and the airfield. There were also reports on the Internet about bright flashes in the sky.

Later, the head of the Yeisk region, Roman Bublik, said that in the region the Russian Armed Forces allegedly worked quickly and harmoniously, preventing a “terrorist attack.” According to Putin's official, there is no destruction in the area.

We note that it was restless at night in Morozovsk, Rostov region. As reported on the Internet, the local military airfield was attacked by drones; city residents complained of loud “pops.”


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