• 20/04/2024 16:32

“Bavovna” ruined the party for the invaders: details of the attack on a hotel in the center of Donetsk appeared

On New Year's Eve, the five-star Donbass Palace hotel was attacked in the center of temporarily captured Donetsk. Russian media report that “Bavovna” ruined the party for the occupiers and guests from Moscow.

Photo – t.me/itsdonetsk

Russian Telegram channels write that at night on January 1, at a closed party at the five-star Donbass Palace hotel, officials of the Donetsk “administration”, high-ranking military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces, “military correspondents” and guests from Moscow celebrated the New Year, NBN reports.

As reported, “Bavovna ” spoiled the fun for the invaders and eliminated six party participants, among whom were people from the close circle of the first deputy head of the Russian Federation Administration Sergei Kiriyenko. The guests' visit to Donetsk was kept secret, so there was no rush to report their liquidation to Moscow.

Earlier it became known about the arrivals in Donetsk on the night of January 1. Not only the hotel came under attack, but also facilities in other areas of the temporarily occupied city. Footage of the consequences of a powerful “bavon” was shown on the Internet.


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