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British intelligence has revealed why the Russian Federation will sharply increase the recruitment of contract soldiers into the army

ByJohn Newman

Apr 10, 2024

By the end of this year, Moscow intends to replenish the ranks of its army with hundreds of thousands of contract soldiers, thus seeking to make up for the huge losses in the war against Ukraine.

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About the fact that the Russian Federation has planned to draft at least 150 ;000 people aged 18-30 for 12-month service in all branches of the Armed Forces, without operational involvement in combat operations in our country, but only in units or formations deployed closer to the Ukrainian border , however, this is not all, writes NBN, citing the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

As it became known, Russian “conscripts” are now under maximum pressure to transfer to service under contract, and then fought in Ukraine. It is assumed that by using such methods, the Russian elite does not want to risk combat losses among conscripts due to fears of the unpopularity of such steps in the local society. In particular, losses among contract soldiers are considered more acceptable for Russian society.

In addition, the Kremlin is seeking to recruit about 400,000 contract soldiers to support the number of its troops in Ukraine, which suffered huge losses, and ;also to promote previously announced plans to increase the size of the “second army of the world” to 1.32 million in 2024 and 1.5 million in subsequent years.

We previously wrote about how that Gumenyuk was revealing which of the Ukrainians in the occupation were targeted for mobilization into Putin’s army.


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