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Zelensky named three priorities of Ukraine in military assistance

ByJohn Newman

Apr 10, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky named three priorities of our country in military assistance. According to the president, Ukraine does not ask too much from its allies.

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Zelensky named Ukraine's three priorities in military assistance

Photo – rbc.ua

In an address to the Delphi Economic Forum, the head of state said that our country needs additional air defense systems and combat aircraft to protect itself from the terror of the occupiers, NBN reports.

According to the president, if the Armed Forces receive Several dozen air defense systems and a sufficient number of modern aircraft – Ukraine will not have the problem of aviation and bombs of the “second army of the world.”

The guarantor also emphasized that the Defense Forces need artillery. These weapons will help defenders push back the front and return normal life to regions that were occupied by Putin's troops.

Zelensky added that in addition to military assistance, our country needs justice in the form of anti-Russian sanctions, confiscation of Putin's assets and lack of tolerance for disinformation from Moscow. The head of state explained that such pressure on the Russian Federation will not allow the Kremlin to increase the military potential of the aggressor country.

Earlier, the president explained the refusal of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to transfer Taurus long-range weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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