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British intelligence revealed the real goals of the mobilization announced by the Russian Federation at Zaporozhye

ByJohn Newman

May 5, 2024

The mobilization campaign announced by the “authorities” of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of the Zaporozhye region, apparently, is aimed at meeting the needs of Putin’s army in replenishing units depleted by losses on the front line.

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British intelligence revealed the real goals of the mobilization announced by the Russian Federation in Zaporozhye

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About the fact that Gauleiter Balitsky, placed by the Kremlin at the head of the occupied part of Zaporozhye, issued a “decree”, which included the preparation of the required infrastructure with the simultaneous introduction of measures necessary for the implementation of conscription for military service from the occupied areas this area, writes NBN, referring to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

According to British military intelligence analysts, the influence of the mobilization described above will not go beyond limited limits, since a significant proportion of the population of the Zaporozhye region has already managed to leave. In particular, in the territory of temporarily captured Melitopol, which is the largest city in the region, more than 40 percent of the pre-war number of citizens remained, 50 percent of whom are ethnic Russians who have already received work in the city.

Thus, this decree will not be able to cover the occupiers’ losses in “manpower”, but will rather become part of a more extensive program of the “authorities” of the Russian Federation on the WOT, aimed at forcing the population to finally accept Russian control. In addition, all this is consistent with attempts to make sure that the majority of residents received passports from a terrorist state, since they managed to vote in the recent pseudo-elections of the President of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, we wrote about that British intelligence explained, why Russian losses will increase after the intensification of the offensive in eastern Ukraine.


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