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Biden named the conditions that will allow Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive in 2025

ByJohn Newman

May 5, 2024

Late last month, US President Joseph Biden signed a series of bills providing for long-awaited military aid to Ukraine, the delay of which allowed Putin's army to achieve some successes on the front line.

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 Biden named the conditions that will allow Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive in 2025

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The White House believes that American financial assistance, amounting to about $61 billion, will open up opportunities for Ukraine to carry out a new stage of counteroffensive next year, NBN writes, citing a statement by the US Presidential Adviser on ;national security by Jake Sullivan, published in the Financial Times.

According to Sullivan, despite the provision of the above assistance package, Washington expects that Russian occupation forces will be able to achieve some progress on the front in the coming months, however, renewed support for Ukraine will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to “hold the line,” thereby “ensuring confrontation attack by the Russian Federation” throughout 2024, in order to move forward later, from 2025, and “regain the territory that the Russians took away.”

However, according to journalists, Sullivan’s comments regarding the upcoming counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army are a “clear articulation” of the White House’s own vision of the development of the conflict, based on the potential victory of Joseph Biden in the upcoming US presidential elections.

Thus, any likelihood of an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2025  year, will directly depend on expanding the scale of funding, including prompt approval by both Congress and the White House of new support packages.

We previously wrote about that British intelligence explained why the losses of the Russian Federation will increase after the intensification of the offensive in eastern Ukraine.


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