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Budanov revealed details of the missile attack on the Russian large landing ship “Yamal” in Sevastopol

ByJohn Newman

Mar 25, 2024

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine revealed details of the missile attack of the Defense Forces on the large landing ship “Yamal” of the Russian Federation troops in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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Photo – ria.ru

The press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reported details of the defeat of the BDK “Yamal” “The Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor country in the temporarily occupied Crimea on Saturday, March 23, reports NBN.

Budanov was told that the Defense Forces fired a missile at the 13th ship repair plant in Sevastopol, where the ship was moored “Yamal”. As a result of the shelling, the BDK of the “liberators” received critical damage – a hole in the upper deck, due to which the ship tilted to the starboard side.

It is reported that the Russians are trying to pump water out of the BDK, which was used during the capture of the Crimean Peninsula 10 years ago. From 2017 to 2023, the ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was under repair.

The Main Intelligence Directorate added that other consequences of the Defense Forces’ shelling of enemy targets in Sevastopol are being clarified. Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Stratcom reported which targets in Crimea the defenders hit with missiles on March 23.


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