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Efrosinina explained why she did not give up the Russian language back in 2014

ByJohn Newman

May 1, 2024

TV presenter, interviewer, public figure Masha Efrosinina, who was born and raised in Kerch, explained why she did not abandon the Russian language 10 years ago after the capture of the Crimean Peninsula by Russian troops.

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Efrosinina explained why she didn’t give up the Russian language back in 2014

Photo – instagram.com/mashaefrosinina

In an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda “The TV presenter, commenting on the language scandals with her participation, said that she was not brought up to hate everything Russian, which is why she came a long way to switch to the Ukrainian language, NBN reports.

According to Efrosinina, she did not abandon the Russian language ten years ago after the occupation of Crimea, since at that time this issue was not so pressing and did not cause “impulses” within her. In addition, the celebrity’s career path was marked by tolerance towards Russian.

The TV presenter believes that Ukrainians need to think about an amnesty for events in the history of our country until February 24, 2022 and forgive stars who spoke Russian before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation .

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