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Ermak commented on Ukraine’s position on the participation of the Russian Federation in the “Global Peace Summit”

ByJohn Newman

May 3, 2024

The day before, the Swiss government made a statement – “at this stage” the Russian Federation will not be among the 160 delegations of the “Global Peace Summit”, which is scheduled for June 15-16.

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Ermak commented on Ukraine’s position on the participation of the Russian Federation in the Global Peace Summit

Photo – ukrinform.ua

About the fact that the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (OPU), Andriy Ermak, is confident that Russia has no place at the Global Peace Summit, and this is the principled position of Kyiv, writes NBN, referring to the official page of the OPU.

According to Ermak, the Ukrainian government expects that the “Global Peace Summit” will be attended by leaders of states from all continents of the planet who respect the norms of international law and the provisions of the UN Charter.

The head of the OPU added that the key idea of ​​the “Global Peace Summit” is a return to the principles of international law, which can provide protection to any country from the actions of an aggressor, and it is this approach that should dominate global relations.

In addition, it is important for Ukraine that the maximum number of countries be at the “Global Peace Summit,” and the government, the Verkhovna Rada, and the Public Administration participate in this process of “involvement”—all structures work “to the world talked about the Peace Summit and called on leaders to take part in it.”

Ermak emphasized that Ukraine is counting on China’s participation, and for this reason, diplomats at all levels are doing the necessary work, so that representatives of Beijing still join the “Global Peace Summit”, but the Russian Federation will not be allowed to attend this event.

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