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RosSMI told what Ukraine used to blow up the Crimean Bridge in 2022

ByJohn Newman

May 3, 2024

In October of the year before last, communication via the Crimean Bridge was suspended after the explosion of a truck, which collapsed two spans of this structure, and also damaged the railway part, which was the first blow to the logistics structure of the occupiers carried out by the SBU.

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RosSMI told what Ukraine used to blow up the Crimean Bridge in 2022

Photo – radiosvoboda.org

About the fact that to carry out an explosion on the Kerch/Crimean bridge on October 8, 2022, the special services of our country used a mixed type of explosive device made on the basis of solid-state rocket fuel, wrapped in polyethylene, NBN writes, citing data examinations of the Russian Federation, published by the Russian propaganda publication Kommersant.

In accordance with the published article, the explosive power of the above-described device reached at least 10,000 kilograms in TNT equivalent. The explosive was wrapped in a plastic film with a thickness of 0.01 centimeters, and the detonator was a tiny “device” filled with plasticite, which was later triggered by a signal sent to the GPS navigator when the car reached the specified route point.

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