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Ex-WBC champion Gvozdyk explained why Lomachenko squandered the “credit of trust” of Ukrainians

ByJohn Newman

May 5, 2024

For more than two years since the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vasily Lomachenko has never spoken publicly about the inadmissibility of the actions of an aggressor country against his compatriots.

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Photo – sundaylongread.com

NBN writes about the opinion formed by former champion Alexander Gvozdyk regarding the dubious and, apparently, open pro-Russian position of his titled colleague Vasily Lomachenko, citing the material of The Sunday Long Read.

According to Gvozdyk, his compatriot has in no way retained the status of a national hero, as is often presented in the global media space. In particular, the inosmi is sometimes trying to expose Lomachenko (he repeatedly confirmed their pro -Russian inclination, for example, by ignoring numerous victims in & nbsp; Chernigov, and & nbsp; simultaneously putting up in & nbsp; social networks quotes of the priest of the Russian Orthodox Church) in & nbsp; the quality of the Ukrainian Gero; Talk to & nbsp; coaches and & nbsp ;fighters from Ukraine, in order to understand – the opinion about Vasily was formed absolutely opposite.

The ex-WBC champion emphasized:

This is probably what TopRank is trying to do to make it look like he [Lomachenko] supports his country. [But] since this war began, even more serious bombings have occurred. People under the rubble. People covered in blood, with severed limbs. I don't support this. Because of this, many people don't like him [Lomachenko] anymore.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Berinchyk's coach spoke about the factor that will determine the winner of the fight between Lomachenko and Kambosos .


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