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Galushchenko admitted the possibility of raising electricity tariffs due to Russian strikes

ByJohn Newman

Apr 6, 2024

Contrary to recent large-scale attacks by the Russian Federation, Ukraine does not yet intend to introduce mass power outages (as was the case in 2022 and 2023), since even if huge damage to the energy system is caused, basic generation facilities will remain, covering up to 50 percent of needs.

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Galushchenko admitted the possibility of raising electricity tariffs due to attacks from the Russian Federation

Photo – Benjamin Girette/Bloomberg

About the fact that, due to the intensification of attacks by Russian occupation forces on Ukrainian energy facilities, the government is considering various options to compensate for the damage to this infrastructure, including at the expense of household consumers, NBN writes, citing to the explanation voiced by the head of the Ministry of Energy of our country, German Galushchenko, and published by Bloomberg.

According to Galushchenko, now the situation with the energy system of Ukraine is more complex if we compare it with last year, since the infrastructure has lost many hydroelectric power generation facilities, and it is necessary to quickly carry out planned repairs at nuclear units.

The head of the Ministry of Energy added that it is not yet possible to fully determine the material consequences of attacks by a terrorist state, in particular the amount of damage, however, according to preliminary estimates, “the scale could reach billions of dollars.”

Galushchenko gave a direct example—in June 2022, after a series of winter attacks on Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers increased the cost of electricity by almost 2 times, and, apparently, identical changes may be repeated.

In addition, the official warned—depending on whether the situation gets worse or better, Ukrainians may be “asked” to save electricity as much as possible during the period from July to August.

Previously we wrote that at the end of March, NEURC promised not to increase tariffs for electricity.


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