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British intelligence explained why Russian air defense often “grounds” its own aircraft

ByJohn Newman

Apr 6, 2024

At the end of last month, a Su-27 of the Russian Aerospace Forces, flying over the Crimean air defense zone, was destroyed by its air defense, while the Gauleiter of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced an alleged technical malfunction.

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 British intelligence explained why Russian air defense often “grounds” its own aircraft

Photo – TG-video.

About For for some predictable reasons, the Russian air defense has already repeatedly eliminated its own aircraft over the Crimean Peninsula, writes NBN, citing the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

As British military intelligence analysts note, after a series of Ukrainian strikes against targets in Sevastopol, as well as ships and bases of the Black Sea Fleet this year, have almost certainly put local Russian air defenses on high alert.

In addition, the “fall” the specified Su-27, apparently, was provoked not at all by a technical problem, but by increased pressure and increased tension among Russian air defense operators.

In particular, regular downings of aircraft are certainly caused by fear of perceived Ukrainian actions, and lead to the Russians unintentionally engaging their own pilots and aircraft, and this, in turn, highlights the lack of awareness and lack of coordination between units of Putin's army.

Earlier, we wrote about what the process of “splashdown” of the Russian Su-27 looked like near Sevastopol.


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