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General Syrsky spoke about the situation in the Seversky and Bakhmut directions

ByJohn Newman

Jan 23, 2024

In the Bakhmut and Seversky directions, the situation continues to remain quite tense, as the Russian occupiers use artillery fire, mortars, attack drones, and also conduct assault operations.

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General Syrsky spoke about the situation in Seversky and Bakhmutsky directions

Photo – rbc.ua

As reported by «NBN«, the commander wrote about this in his Telegram Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel General Alexander Syrsky.

He noted that while working with the commanders of the brigades who are fighting in these directions, he heard reports on the assessment of the situation and proposals for the further conduct of hostilities.

Moreover, all the necessary decisions have been made locally to increase the effectiveness of defense and eliminate problematic issues.

Recall that earlier Syrsky said that he survived several attempted murders.


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