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German ultra-leftists burned down the dacha of the head of Rheinmetall because of the supply of weapons to Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

May 2, 2024

The Rheinmetall concern is one of the key manufacturers of military equipment in Germany and the EU, and after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it received a huge volume of orders for the production of projectiles and weapons systems, relatively regularly provided to Kiev.

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 German ultra-leftists burned down the dacha of the head of Rheinmetall because of supplying Ukraine with weapons

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About why  For this reason, the other day, on April 30, left-wing radicals destroyed the country house (located in Hermannsburg in the territory of Lower Saxony in the northern part of Germany) of the president of the arms company Rheinmetall Armin Papperger, writes NBN, citing material from the local publication Bild.

As it became known, left-wing extremists, who took responsibility for the arson, simultaneously posted an appeal online, declaring that Rheinmetall is “profiting from the so-called turning point [the war in Ukraine].” In particular, it is alleged that right now the concern is intensively replenishing stocks of obsolete armored vehicles, which it will later be able to sell to Ukraine along with shells, thereby making a huge profit.

The “leftists” added that Rheinmetall, in addition to drawing up aggressive plans, also “ produces and kills not only on a national [European] scale. In addition, at the end of the terrorists’ text, a postscript was added: “Freedom for Daniel!” (left-wing radical Daniela Klette, detained in Berlin 2 months ago, after a 30-year search for participation in a series of sabotage and murders).

We previously wrote about the fact that the former head of the British Ministry of Defense called the refusal groundless Scholz to transfer Taurus to Ukraine.


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