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Gumenyuk explained how the Russian Federation “highlights” targets for missile attacks on Ukraine instead of the eliminated A-50s

ByJohn Newman

Mar 24, 2024

Over the course of several months of this year, the Defense Forces of our country landed 2 A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft, which, among other things, made it much easier for the invaders to target missile attacks.

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Photo – tsn.ua

About the fact that after the “landing” of these aircraft by the defenders of Ukraine, Putin’s army is intensively trying to find a way to replace this type of aviation, NBN writes, citing an explanation from ;speaker of OK “South” Natalia Gumenyuk in the telethon on YouTube channel “TSN”.

According to Gumenyuk, as compensation for the A-50, the Russian occupation forces began to intensively use reconnaissance type of drones—just this week, the Defense Forces have repeatedly recorded increased activity of enemy drones launched from the Black Sea. The speaker of OK South” emphasized that the “liberators” are carrying out such actions to expand their capabilities in launching ballistic missile attacks on Ukraine.

Gumenyuk summarized:

Now they have difficulties with this direction [early warning aircraft], and, obviously, they are trying to compensate with reconnaissance drones.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that The Polish Ministry of Defense explained why they did not eliminate the Russian missile that crossed the country's borders on March 24.


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