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Gumenyuk responded to media calls for her removal from the post of speaker of the OK “South”

ByJohn Newman

Apr 17, 2024

The day before, Ukrainian and foreign “media people” sent statements to the highest military command of our country about Natalia Gumenyuk’s constant prohibitions from showing war crimes of the Russian Federation in her area of ​​​​responsibility, and, in particular, with a request to replace the speaker of OK “South” to a “more competent person.”

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Photo – screenshot of TG-video.

On Natalia Gumenyuk’s opinion regarding journalists’ calls for her removal from ;the position of head of the communications department of OK South, writes NBN, referring to the material published in the Telegram channel of Radio Liberty.

According to Gumenyuk, the above-described journalists allegedly did not bring there is no evidence of such abuses, that is, the press center of the Defense Forces of the South did not at all violate the orders of its command.

For example, the “media people” who accused the speaker of OK “South” of refusing access to  coverage of the global negative consequences of the tragedy at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station was simply lied to, that is, everything stated is “absolutely untrue.”

The representative of OK South emphasized that her department has processed at least 800 requests for&nbsp ;over the course of one week, albeit “in a simplified manner”, since “he took into account the safety of operations.”

Earlier we wrote about how Gumenyuk commented on the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on a military airfield near Dzhankoy.


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