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OK “South” assessed the importance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' strike on the military airfield in Dzhankoy

ByJohn Newman

Apr 17, 2024

On the night of this Wednesday, April 17, a series of explosions occurred in temporarily captured Dzhankoy, provoking a large-scale fire in the area of ​​the occupiers’ airfield.

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Photo – unian. net

About the fact that this military facility in Dzhankoy on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula is a “legitimate target” for the Ukrainian Defense Forces, writes NBN, citing a detailed explanation voiced by the OK speaker ;”South” by Natalia Gumenyuk for Radio Liberty.

According to Gumenyuk, at the specified military airfield, the Russian occupation forces stationed not only their army aviation.

In  In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had a number of confirmations – during the entire period of Russia’s occupation of the Crimean Peninsula, it was this airbase that was actively used by Putin’s army as a “powerful military hub”, since the invaders regularly changed the locations of various units, moving their forces in order to to ward off a potential defeat by Ukraine, but, as it turned out, “not all the maneuvers were successful,” and the Defense Forces delivered a very effective and important blow.

Earlier, we wrote about what kind of equipment Putin’s army had destroyed during a strike on the airfield in Dzhankoy.


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