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How will the salaries of military personnel on the front line increase after the Cabinet of Ministers approves additional payments of 70,000 UAH

ByJohn Newman

Apr 12, 2024

Previously, the defenders of our country who fought “at zero” (the first line of defense/contact) were provided with a cash incentive payment of 100,000 hryvnia, but starting this Friday the amount will increase slightly.

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How will military salaries on the frontline increase after the Cabinet of Ministers approves additional payments of UAH 70,000

Photo – 24tv.ua

About the fact that the Ukrainian government today, April 12, approved the process of calculating additional payments to the country’s defenders, including law enforcement officers, performing combat missions “at zero”, in the amount of 70,000 hryvnia, writes “NBN”, referring to  information published in the official Telegram channel of Prime Minister Denis Shmygal.

According to Shmygal, the initiative jointly developed by the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers has been implemented – now military personnel and police officers performing combat missions in the first line, the payment of a one-time remuneration of 70,000 hryvnia is guaranteed, which will be accrued every 30 days.

Based on the information described above, you can simply carry out a calculation – military “at zero” will pay, in addition to wages from  20 000 hryvnia to 25 000 hryvnia, “combat” in 100 000 hryvnia and additional “government” 70 000 hryvnia, which in total will amount to 190&n bsp;000 hryvnia up to 195 000 hryvnia/monthly.

Earlier, we wrote that ISW revealed the impact of the adopted “mobilization” bill on the course of the war in Ukraine.


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