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Ignat revealed how the liquidation of more than ten Russian aircraft affected the activity of enemy aviation

ByJohn Newman

Mar 2, 2024

Over the past month, fighters of the Defense Forces of our country destroyed 13 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces – 10 Su-34, 2 Su-35 and 1 A-50, and on the morning of Friday, March 1st, Another enemy Su-34 fighter-bomber was shot down in the eastern direction, and now it has become known whether the invaders had to change tactics due to the successful operations of the defenders.

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Ignat revealed how the liquidation of more than ten aircraft RF influenced&nbsp ;activity of enemy aviation

Photo – ria.ru

About the fact that enemy aircraft no longer feel freedom in the sky over Ukraine, writes “NBN”, referring to the explanation of the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuri Ignat, voiced during the “United News” telethon on the YouTube channel “TSN”.

According to Ignat, The above-described limited tactics of Putin’s army are provoked by the fact that the adjustable aerial bombs (KABs), massively used by the invaders (for example, in Avdeevka), have a very limited radius of destruction. In particular, in order to “get further,” Russian pilots have to “fly closer,” which could be the end for their lives and the plane itself. For this reason, both the pilots and their command are well aware of the consequences and are “treading more carefully,” thus allowing “our troops to catch their breath.”

In addition, the Air Force spokesman added  — March 2 marked the 6th day since A-50 early warning and control aircraft no longer appeared over the Sea of ​​Azov.

Earlier we wrote that Ignat told what Ukrainian pilots studying to master the F-16 have achieved success.


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