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Andryushchenko told why the Russian Federation transferred dozens of policemen to Mariupol

ByJohn Newman

Mar 2, 2024

In fact, immediately after the occupation of Mariupol, Putin’s army began to turn this city into a logistics hub, trying to cover the losses in “manpower” and the needs of its offensive in the Eastern direction, however, recently there has been an increase in activity in a slightly different direction , but in a similar area.

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Andryushchenko told for what purpose the Russian Federation transferred dozens of policemen to Mariupol

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About the fact that more than a dozen additional police crews from St. Petersburg arrived on the territory of temporarily captured Mariupol, with the aim of intensifying the “cleansing” of the city, on the eve of the so-called presidential elections of the aggressor country, writes “NBN”, referring to the Telegram channel of the advisor to the local mayor Pyotr Andryushchenko.

According to Andryushchenko, the “big purge” is not stopping in Mariupol—11 crews of policemen from the ;St. Petersburg. These Russian law enforcement officers must strengthen the unit of the Russian Guard, subordinated to the FSB.

It is assumed that the occupiers will begin to intensively search for partisans and saboteurs, since by the time of the pseudo-elections they need to report on their successes to the Kremlin, which is the other side of the “stick”, still Soviet reporting system.

Andryushchenko emphasized:

Therefore, the whole city will be shaken. Turn inside out. Shoot staged videos.

We previously wrote about Andryushchenko reporting on the causes of the explosions in Mariupol on February 21.


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