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Tarnavsky revealed the number of daily losses of Putin’s army in the Tauride direction

ByJohn Newman

Mar 2, 2024

During the last 24 hours on this section of the front, the invaders carried out 22 airstrikes, carried out 1 missile attack, carried out 53 clashes, as well as fired 1,157 times and launched 130 UAVs at the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but so and did not break the defenders.

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Tarnavsky revealed the number of daily losses of Putin's army in the Tauride direction

Photo – facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua

The NBN reports that Defense Forces soldiers continue to repel enemy assaults while simultaneously carrying out intensive operations in some directions, citing a report published in the Telegram channel of the commander of the Tavria OSGV, Brigadier General Alexander Tarnavsky.

According to Tarnavsky, in addition to taking 10 “good Russians” captive, and the liquidation of 336 units of enemy manpower, as well as the “demilitarization” of 5 important objects of the “second army of the world” “, the occupiers will not count:

  • in tanks —4 pieces;
  • in armored vehicles — 12 pieces;
  • in  ;artillery systems — 6 pieces;
  • in ATGM — 1 pieces;
  • in air defense systems — 4 pieces;
  • in  auto and special equipment —11 pieces;
  • in drones of various types —258 pieces.

Earlier we wrote about what Commander-in-Chief Syrsky announced personnel changes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, explaining why it is not always possible to contain the advance of the Russian Federation.


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