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In the Russian Federation, courts sentenced more than fifty citizens for connections with the RDK and the Legion of Freedom of Russia – media

ByJohn Newman

May 6, 2024

Russian media report that in the aggressor country, courts sentenced more than fifty citizens for connections with the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Russian Freedom Legion.

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The Russian publication “Verstka” stated that in the Russian Federation more than 50 citizens were involved in cases of connections with the RDK and the “Legion of Freedom of Russia”. The most common was the verdict of the courts due to treason or preparation for it, NBN reports with reference to Kreschatic.

According to media reports, 43 people became involved in cases related to LSR, 9 to RDK, and 2 more detainees tried to join the ranks of two volunteer formations. At the same time, the number of those prosecuted may be greater, given that the courts of the aggressor country are hiding information about these cases.

The publication reported that sentences were passed on at least 28 defendants in the cases; only that is known about the remaining defendants on terrorism charges. that they were arrested.

One of the first to be detained in June 2022 for connections with LSR, Nikolai Okhlopkov from Yakutsk, was tried under the article of participation in an illegal armed group. Later, a criminal case was opened against the 22-year-old Russian for treason and terrorism.

Vladlen Menshikov from the city of Rezh, Sverdlovsk Region received the most severe sentence for connections with LSR last month – 14 years in prison. The Russian court handed down the most lenient sentence in July last year to Maxim Isaev from the city of Shebekino, Belgorod Region – a fine of 70,000 rubles for attempting to cross the state border of the Russian Federation without documents for the right to travel.

Last month, the most severe sentence for Magomed Magomedov from Ugra received a connection with the RDK – 9 years in a maximum security colony.

In February, the Russian court also sentenced former actor Kirill Kanakhin in absentia for treason charges – life imprisonment.

Previously, the media reported that in the Donetsk region the occupiers shot their colleagues, mistaking them for RDK fighters.


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