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Incomes of Ukrainians: experts tell us in which areas of activity specialists’ salaries are consistently increased

ByJohn Newman

Mar 14, 2024

According to the forecast of the National Bank, this year in Ukraine wage growth is expected to be within 8.7 percent, and now it has become known how things are in reality, and not according to statistics.

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Incomes of Ukrainians: experts told in which areas of activity specialists' salaries are steadily increasing

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About that in the first month of spring in Ukraine the salaries of employees employed in certain sectors of the domestic economy continue to grow, writes NBN, citing Work.ua material.

In accordance with data from Work.ua expert analysts , throughout February, the average salary increased by 500 hryvnia (by 2.6 percent), reaching 20,000 hryvnia, in particular, this positive trend affected Ukrainians employed in: p>

  • security/safety – income in 20 000 hryvnia/monthly (plus 14 percent per month);
  • industrial production (working specialties) — 20 000 hryvnia/monthly (plus 5 percent);
  • law – 18 800 hryvnia/monthly (plus 4 percent);
  • finance/banking  — 16 700 hryvnia/monthly (plus 4 percent);
  • education/science — 16 500 hryvnia/monthly (plus 3 percent).

Earlier, our news portal reported that a study showed what percentage of citizens have to take out microloans “before their salary.”


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