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ISW analysts assessed the possibility of an invader attack on Kharkov

ByJohn Newman

Apr 29, 2024

The Washington Institute for the Study of War commented on information about the preparation of the “second army of the world” for an attack on Kharkov. American analysts believe that the Russian Armed Forces do not have enough strength for this.

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ISW analysts assessed the possibility of the invaders attacking Kharkov

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ISW analysts in their report drew attention to the statements of Alexander Syrsky regarding the situation in the Kharkov direction. According to the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are amassing troops here and regrouping, NBN reports.

As American experts noted, the general’s statement about increasing the number of Russian troops does not indicate the inevitability of the invaders’ attack on Kharkov.

The military commander also said that the Defense Forces have improved their positions near the village of Sinkovka, Kupyansky district. At the same time, a Russian military blogger announced that the invaders were withdrawing a short distance from the populated area due to a lack of personnel in the area.

Analysts believe that the inability of Putin’s army to capture Sinkovka during the months-long offensive, despite regular massive mechanized and infantry attacks, casts doubt on its combat effectiveness and, in particular, the combat effectiveness of its northern group.

ISW suggests that the “second army of the world” will not go on the offensive on Kharkov, since this operation will create serious problems for the Russian Armed Forces, given that they may face better-equipped Armed Forces after the arrival of American assistance.

At the same time, the enemy could use the threat of an attack on the regional center to stretch Ukrainian forces to a wider front line on in the east of the country before the start of the counter-offensive in the summer.

Recall that the CPD commented on Russian reports about the creation of the “North” group for the occupation of Sumy and Kharkov.


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