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IT security specialists named applications that leak user data to Russia

ByJohn Newman

Apr 29, 2024

Some categories of applications installed on the “gadgets” of Ukrainians pose a danger, since they are either developed or owned by companies from the aggressor country.

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About the fact that such applications often have built-in malicious program code that tracks the geolocation of mobile phones of Ukrainian citizens, and also provides access to GPS, Wi-Fi, SMS messages and calls, information about the nearest operator networks, settings sound and list of personal contacts, writes “NBN”, referring to iTECHua material.

In addition to all of the above, such software “loopholes” can independently activate the cameras and microphone of a smartphone, ignoring the user’s participation. After receiving personal information, all data from the device is simply “merged” to a remote server in the Russian Federation.

To protect personal data, you should check the permission manager in the “Settings” program of the smartphone/tablet, and  revoke permissions for dubious applications, the list of which looks like this:

  • Electronic;
  • Polyglot —English words;
  • Strelok Pro;
  • GPS-Tracker;
  • Offline Maps;
  • My Dictionary Pro;
  • Polyglot32 —English;
  • Money Pro: Customized Money AR;
  • Handwritten Text;
  • Lensa AI: Avatar;
  • Photo Editor;
  • Fun Offline Games  – No WiFi;
  • Durak;
  • Brain Games: Puzzles for adults;
  • Gun Crusher: Destruction games;
  • Jelly Run 2048 ;
  • Doodle God;
  • Peace, Death!.

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