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Kiper named the number of victims after a daytime ballistic strike in Odessa region

ByJohn Newman

Apr 21, 2024

On the day of this weekend, April 21, the Russian occupation army once again carried out an attack on the Odessa region, launching, according to the Southern Defense Forces, several ballistic missiles.

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Kieper named the number of victims after a daytime ballistic strike in Odessa

Photo – nv.ua

About the fact that the troops of a terrorist state do not stop launching targeted missiles attacks on this region, writes NBN, citing information published in the official Telegram channel of the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration (OVA) Oleg Kiper.

According to Kiper, after lunch, the enemies again they hit the territory of the Odessa region with ballistics, targeting the transport and logistics facility of the port infrastructure.

As it became known, the blast wave, as well as the fragments of one of the eliminated missiles, damaged a number of private households. In one residential building, the ceiling fell, and in a private farmstead, a fire broke out in dry food.

In addition, at the current time (about 2 o’clock in the afternoon), only one victim is known, and information about the scale of the consequences – to be confirmed.

As of 14:43: three men and one woman were injured and are receiving the necessary medical care.

We previously reported that Keeper reported details of the morning attack to Odessa region on April 20.


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