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Macron responded to Shoigu’s accusations of France’s indirect involvement in the terrorist attack near Moscow

ByJohn Newman

Apr 4, 2024

The day before, the head of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecorne, had to have a conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, at which the latter stated that Kiev does not carry out anything without the approval of Western curators, adding that Moscow hopes that French intelligence services were not involved in the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.

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Macron responded to Shoigu's accusations of France's indirect involvement in the terrorist attack near Moscow

Photo – Ludovic Marin/AFP

About how French leader Emmanuel Macron commented in surprise on the Kremlin’s ridiculous assumptions regarding the likely participation of Paris in the recent terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, writes NBN “, referring to the France24 material.

According to Macron, who spoke with local journalists, the above-described “stuffing” of the Russian generals is “strange and threatening,” but is not something at all new.

The French President added  – all these statements by Shoigu, to put it “in other words,” are simply “ridiculous.” In addition, Macron emphasized that such statements from the high command of a terrorist state that France “may be behind this, or that the Ukrainians are behind this” do not make any sense. since they “do not correspond to reality”, and were done only for the sake of “manipulating information” (included in the “arsenal” of the Russian Federation).

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that after a conversation with Lecornu, ;Shoigu stated his/nbsp;readiness for dialogue on Ukraine.


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