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OK “Yug” revealed details of a night missile attack by the Russian Federation from the Black Sea

ByJohn Newman

Apr 27, 2024

On the night of this Saturday, April 27, the Russian occupation army launched a combined attack on the territory of Ukraine, launching 34 missiles of various types, including sea-based anti-ship “Calibers” (21 were shot down by our air defense).

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Photo – ria.ru

About the fact that this Saturday night, Putin’s army again used underwater launch vehicles, firing several “Calibers”, since the Russian Federation is afraid to withdraw the surface group of ships into the waters of the Black Sea, writes “NBN”, referring to the explanation of OK South speaker Dmitry Pletenchuk, sounded on the telethon on YouTube channel “TSN”.

According to Pletenchuk, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is not in&nbsp ;able to use surface potential in the Black Sea, and therefore resorted to launching missiles from the sides of submarines—this is the third time in 6 months that an aggressor country is forced to attack Ukraine from under water.

The speaker of OK South added – at the moment, these two submarines have moved closer to their base in Novorossiysk, and, most likely, they will remain there, with more ships in  the waters of the Black Sea are not currently being recorded.

Pletenchuk emphasized that this night the Russians could have carried out six launches of Caliber missiles, but at the current stage such information is still being verified.

Previously we wrote that Yevlash explained why Ukraine has not yet managed to shoot down the “innovative” Russian Su-57.


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