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Pavlyuk showed the invaders’ weekly losses in manpower and equipment (infographics)

ByJohn Newman

Apr 21, 2024

According to data from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the level of total combat losses of the Russian Federation, as of April 21, approximately reached 459,530 “liberators”, and an identical 7-day figure has now become known.

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Photo – slovoidilo.ua

About the fact that just in the last week, the enemy’s losses in personnel have increased by more than 5,000 “good Russians,” and this is not taking into account various equipment, NBN writes, referring to ;official Telegram channel of the commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Alexander Pavlyuk.

As it became known, in addition to the 5 880 “negated” occupiers (wounded and killed), Putin’s army will also not count 880 weapons and equipment, in in particular:

  • in tanks —55 pieces;
  • in armored combat vehicles — 131 pieces;
  • in artillery systems and air defense/missile defense — 176 pieces;
  • in automotive and special equipment — 347 pieces;
  • in airplanes — 1 piece ;
  • missiles—26 pieces;
  • drones—144 pieces.

Pavlyuk showed the invaders’ weekly losses in “manpower” and technology (infographics)

Photo — t.me/Pavliuk_KSV

We previously wrote about the fact that ISW called the conditions under which the Ukrainian Armed Forces would turn the tide of the war in the summer.


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